Support for Accounting Offices

Our support is dedicated to owners of accounting offices, especially those keeping accounting ledgers (the so-called “full accounting”).

The fast pace of legal changes and the progressive digitisation make that accounting offices have more and more work and less and less time to explore more difficult accounting and reporting problems. Frequent changes in regulations, lack of time and suitably qualified staff increase the risk of errors. As certified auditors and auditors with many years of experience, we notice this every day. That is why we decided to launch our Support for Accounting Offices.

Thanks to this service, your accounting office will gain:

– comprehensive, remote accounting supervision,

– savings on managers’ costs,

– cooperation with a team of highly qualified specialists,

– better preparation for external controls,

– reducing employees’ stress.

We provide dedicated, professional assistance throughout the year in the field of: consultations or opinions on selected accounting issues, verification of selected records or reporting periods and training.

For the purposes of closing the financial year, we offer assistance in preparing financial statements - individual, combined or consolidated, reports on activities, as well as in preparing financial statements audits, transformation plans audits and due diligence.

How does it work in practice?

We cooperate on an ongoing basis – quickly and efficiently – by e-mail, by phone, using online messengers and – on request – by connecting to your system via a remote desktop. Each accounting office has a tutor provided.
Expert auditors supervise the course of the entire cooperation.

Take care of your team and their results by providing them with adequate support!