Audit and Financial Reviews

From the beginning of the existence of the Magnet Audit, we have specialised in auditing financial statements and other attestation services known as audit.

If you are the owner of a company that is subject to compulsory audit, the matter is simple!
We are here for you.
If you do not have such an obligation, but you want to check whether your company’s financial data and tax settlements are reliable and correct – we are also here to help!

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should audit the accuracy of your financial statements and data:


Thanks to the audit, you will learn which areas in your company need improvement and what the correct processes between different areas should look like. This guarantees you peace of mind, both in financial and tax terms.


You build this value on the market by auditing the financial statements.
This is valuable information for contractors and investors who may be interested in your company’s history maybe not just now but in the future. With this information, you are a reliable player on the market!


Thanks to reliable information and a clear presentation of your company’s financial situation, you are a reliable player for others.

Taking a good course

Audit guidelines are valuable tips for the future, thanks to which you will know exactly how the processes in your company should be shaped.

Be financially and tax-safe, know the direction you should follow, be credible to others and gain their trust!

The services provided in this area include:

– individual and consolidated financial statements audits,

– financial statements annual and interim reviews,

– accounting books and tax settlements reviews,

– electricity consumption rates and partial excise duty refund audits,

– EU funds and other subsidies use audits,

– due dilligence.