Transformation Plan

The transformation plan audit is currently the most frequently offered service.

The New Deal prompted some entrepreneurs to decide to change the form of business by changing the legal form.

Due to the fact that the transformation plan audit is one of the services that we have dealing with for many years, it is safe to say that we are experts in this field.

The transformation consists in a smooth change of the legal form without the necessity to liquidate your activity and establish a new one.

The transformation allows entrepreneurs to achieve goals in many of the following aspects, e.g.:

–  reducing the costs of running a business, – improving the safety of business activities and protecting personal property, – increasing the level of internal control, – using preferential forms of taxation, – acquiring an investor, – listing the company on the stock exchange

How to do it?


Prepare a transformation plan with attachments.


Check whether you are required to have your transformation plan audited by an expert auditor.


Submit the transformation plan to the National Court Register along with the request for an expert auditor.


Get ready to your transformation plan audit.

What are the benefits?

Adapting the legal form to the requirements of your business.

Adjusting taxation to the type and size of your enterprise.

Ensuring the company’s financial security.

Consider now which form of business will be the most profitable for you and will provide you with proper financial security.

Take steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your employees, and protect your property!
Please remember that the role of the lawyer is crucial throughout the transformation process.

The services provided in this area include:

– audit of the transformation plan,

– audit of the merger plan,

– audit of the division plan.